Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Eagle of Empire Skirmish Rules - OUT NOW!

After months and months of writing, play-testing
and graphic design work, its finally here. 

Its been a long ride, from the initial idea of creating a new, innovative and fast moving set of skirmish rules, to the actual design work leading up to the finished book - but we're finally there. 40 pages in full color, including chapters on how to build your army, introduction to the 4 historical factions, free historical scenario and much, much more.

A typical spread from the book. Designed in a classic style,
with inspiring full color imagery.

The Eagles of Empire Skirmish Rules will take you through all the steps of a typical game, carefully explaining each step in dedicated chapters with plenty of explicatory images and graphics. The book also deals with the unique EoE resource system, that is our key to generating very dynamic and tactical games with an average duration of about 1-1.5 hrs.

The book carefully explains how to build your gaming
 units in a very visual and intuitive way.

When playing Eagles of Empire you jump back in time, and into the boots of a 19th or early 20th century officer fighting and directing his squads in the very midst of battle. You’ll not be re-fighting Gravelotte St. Privat or the Battle of Mons as a General, with a range of army corps and a grand overview, but instead you’ve now been put in charge of a number of squads, and given a specific tactical task on a small corner of that same battlefield. Your task is not to win a grand battle, but rather to gain control over a number of Tactical Objectives, and secure them for the army behind you. Eagles of Empire is a modern, fast and innovative set of rules, inspired by a mix of the most successful RTS computer games along with some familiar elements from best sellers in the world of board gaming and miniature war gaming genre. With the Eagles of Empire squad cards, you will not have to open and flick through this rulebook when playing, because all you need is already on the table. The Eagles of Empire rules system is an easy, intuitive and visually enjoyable way of replaying history.

Grab your copy now in the webshop - its only £15 for the full color PDF version.

Friday, 19 May 2017

French Hussars of 1870 - Pre-Order Deal now open!

Pre-Order now OPEN!

After months of sculpting and working on illustrations for box art and the uniform plate, its finally time to start production. A big thank you to Ebob and Manu for their work. Not only will the box contain some very cool and differently animated riders, bugler, standard bearer and officer, but also boast 6 different horses to give your unit the most realistic look.

Trooper of the 3rd Regiment.
The box will contain 6 differently posed horses.

For the moment we expect to launch the French Hussars 1870 box in mid-August, pending casting and production of packaging. But, for those who can't wait that long, there is a Pre-Order Deal saving you 20% on the price and allowing you to get your hands on the first batch in June. 

Ebob outdid himself on the officer.
Who wouldn't follow this guy in a dashing charge?

The Pre-Order Deal will end on Sunday the 18th June, so if you want to paint some French Imperial Hussars while your friends are at the beach getting toasted, don't hesitate to grab this deal while its on.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

TEASER: New French Hussars coming soon. Pre-Order will open next week!

French Hussars of 1870 in all their Imperial glory.
Depicted here is a trooper of the famous 2nd Hussars who gallantly charged in the greatest melee in Europe, during the battle of Mars-la-Tour.

The boxed set will contain officer, bugler, trooper carrying the colors and 3 other charging hussars. 6 riders in total to the box.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

10% Discount on ALL products in the Eagles of Empire Webshop

The IR69 charges up the road towards the French
 defensive position at the St. Hubert farm.

Celebrating the release of the new Prussian infantry characters, the Eagles of Empire
webshop offers a 10% discount on ALL products until Sunday the 14th May.

Inspired by the famous Carl Röchling painting "The death of Mayor von Halden" we've sculpted the Mayor as he leads the IR69 (Rhineland infantry) forward to charge the French defensive position around the St. Hubert Farm during the Battle of Gravelotte-St-Privat in 1870.

A closer look at the wounded Mayor von Halden.

Only moments after the depicted scene, the Mayor suffered a direct chassepot hit to his chest, killing him instantly. The IR69 suffered some 300 casualties during the charge, along with 2/3 of its officers.

In memory of the gallant Mayor, you can now go to the Eagles of Empire webshop and get a 10% discount on ALL products in the shop, using the coupon "Halden" during your check-out.

A little selection of the Eagles of Empire Franco-Prussian War range.

Cavalry is up next!
Pre-orders will open in mid-May, but we'll have more on that soon.
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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Competition - Win a free box of minis!

Here is a question to all Santa's Little Helpers - The Germans are having a party, but who is the guy in the Christmas hat? Post your answer to with the subject "Christmas Competition". Any correct answer will put you in the draw for a FREE box of 16 Eagles of Empire 28mm historical miniatures!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Garde Nationale Mobile

These two Mobiles are painted up using the
Francs-Tireurs box of 16 minis. 

This week I’ve been playing around with the idea of using the Eagles of Empire Miniatures boxes set of Francs-Tireurs as other French light units of the Franco-Prussian War. A perfect match in terms of uniform and equipment would be the ”Moblots”, or Garde Mobile – widely used during the Republican phase of the Franco-Prussian War.

The Eagles of Empire boxed set of 16 Francs-tireurs.

Even though the Imperial phase saw some of the biggest European battles of the late 19th Century, I really love the Republican phase and the desperate struggle France was fighting for political and military cohesion. This phase has also been widely romanticised in many fascinating images by French painters like Neuville and Detaille, wanting to underline the heroic but futile role of the French troops, and express reflection on France’s battered self-esteem in the decades after the devastating peace in 1871, where France ceded Alsace-Lorraine to the newly proclaimed German Empire. 

A unit of Garde Mobile charges into effective German rifle fire.

The Garde Mobile corners the sentiment of a people’s struggle as they were mass-enrolled into a poorly organized republican army, fighting the World’s most professional and well-lead force. A struggle mostly carried out at desperate odds, and with appalling weather conditions as the framework for almost any open battle they were engaged in.

The Mobiles are here seen mixed with normal Line infantry and Tireurs.
Not unusual for the desperate and confused battles of the Republican Phase.

The Garde Mobil was the brainchild of Napoleon III and his Minister of War, Adolphe Niel, as they in 1866 wanted to bolster the number of French troops available for mobilization. The looming power joust with the German Federation under Bismarck, had France at a considerable disadvantage in number of ready troops. The Garde Mobile counted 400.000 reservists, mainly drafted from the lower classes, as the richer had the opportunity to buy their way out through the “Remplacement” system. This loophole created political interest, and the Government Legislative Dept. tried to intervene in different ways, which unfortunately only resulted in poor education and armament for the Mobiles. 

The young reservists of the Garde Mobile.

Like the rest of the French army at the time of the collapse of the Second Empire, the Mobiles paid the price of the rotten leadership in France, with political and social reform lacking tenacity and direction. They fought bravely during countless desperate battles in the Loire, around Paris and in the North, and for that they should be one of the key ingredients in any Franco-Prussian War collectors Republican Phase army. 

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Newly Painted - Eagles of Empire Bavarians 1870-71

Kneeling trooper taking aim.
The orange cuffs indicates 12th IR.

As the heaviest snowfall in 100 years was recorded in Stockholm last week, I found myself for once with plenty of time at the painting table. Finally the Eagles of Empire Bavarian Infantry got some love from the brushes.

Bavarians heavily engaged against the famous Turcos
on the slopes at Woerth.

The boxed set of 16 minis includes an officer, drummer, ensign and 13 troopers all full of animation and Bavarian beards, prompted perhaps by a hearty consumption of Weißbier back in the South German kingdom.

No charge without a good tune!

I’m really happy with this set, and confess I have a weak spot for the cornflower-blue army. Having read H. M. Hozier’s account of the Bavarians’ storm on Bazeilles village during the Battle of Sedan, put them decidedly at the top of my sculpting list. 

Drink enough Bavarian beer,
and your facial hair will be just as prominent!

Before I serve a little background write-up on the Bavarians, let me just say that flags are coming to match this set. Hopefully released before Tactica! Now, here is a little history on the Bavarian Army of 1870-71.

Decorated Bavarian Officer

The Royal Bavarian Army formed a central part of Bismarck’s German coalition force. The South German state was the largest contributor of manpower beside the Prussians. With legendary generals, like Von der Tann, and key roles in battles like Wissembourg, Woerth and Sedan, the cornflower blue Bavarians made their own unique mark in the annals of the Franco-Prussian War.

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